General terms and conditions for internet service


1. After your form/work-order is accepted by Future Net, your service will be scheduled for activation as soon as possible. Future Net will establish a fiber cable/radio link connectivity to your office/residence/site from the nearest distribution point. You are required to designate the place where the fiber cable will enter into your premises and show it to Future Net’s Technical Team. In case of radio link, you are also required to setup the tower of required height and strength with proper earth-grounding for lightning protection at your own cost


2. Future Net will provide the required link termination equipment only (GEPON Optical Network Unit or Media Converter or Outdoor Radio Unit depending on your link type) along with its power adaptor, TJB, Optical Patch Cord, UTP cable and relevant accessories to activate the fiber/radio link connectivity between your premises and Future Net’s network. Future Net shell not provide any other equipment like Router, Wi-Fi Router/AP or Network Switch/Hub etc. If you need to use any such equipment at your premises for your own purpose, you will have to provide them on your own. At the time of installation, please hand your Wi-Fi Router/AP etc. equipment over to Feature Net personal (Engineering/Technician) for installing and configuring them.
3. The equipment and all accessories supplied to you by Future Net are owned by Future Net at all times unless you purchased them. All of these must be returned to Future Net in good working condition when you permanently deactivate Future Net’s service (i.e. Service Termination) or when any change is required in the Service and/or Connectivity.
4. You are required to provide suitable space (e.g. rack/shelf/table), power supply facility (e.g. wall outlet, power strip, UPS etc. Future Net does not recruitment direct power connection from IPS as its output voltage may be unstable for ONU or Wi-Fi Router or MC or similar equipment) and environment (e.g. sufficient air movement for cooling, easy access for maintenance and status checking, safe distance from children/unwanted persons pets) to place all the equipment.
5. You will be liable for any kind of damage to the equipment and accessories due to improper handling/placement, misuse (i.e. usage outside the intended purpose or users outside vendor specified guidelines) and/or breaking of warranty seal, burns due to fire/overheat/over-voltage/over-current/lightning/Act-of-God etc. This condition is also in effect during temporary deactivation of Future Net’s service (i.e. Service Suspension).


6. Future Net will provide internet service as-in general, without any guarantee or implied warranty that it will serve specific purpose. Future Net as an ISP will make reasonable efforts to make any service available/usable to you. You cannot deny that you did not receive Future Net’s service if it could not serve your specific purposes, and you cannot refuse to pay your monthly bill in such cases.
7. Future Net will provide internet service with no promises that the service will bring any gain (financial, social, personal, physical, spiritual etc.) to you and Future Net will not share your any such gain. Likewise, Future Net will provide internet service with no assurance that the service will never bring any loss to you and Future Net will not share your any such loss.
8. Future Net will provide internet service as per the licensing terms and condition said by the BTRC. Future Net will not modify or block any content/website/portal unless the BTRC or the Govt. of Bangladesh required Future Net to do so. In such cases Future Net’s actions must be applicable to all users of Future Net. No exception will be made for any single user.
9. Future Net will not provide any service and support regarding installation, configuration (except IP address or ID configuration to activate the internet) and/or maintenance of any Computer Hardware and/or the Operating System (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android etc.) of your Computer/Laptop/Smartphone etc. You are responsible for the same. Future Net recommends you to contact the respective vendor/supplier/manufacturer regarding this issues.
10. Future Net will not provide or redistribute any content that is not owned/created by Future Net or permitted by the owner/creator or that is not available on the internet for public use.
11. Although Future Net strives to provide uninterrupted service to you for your ultimate satisfaction, there will be problem at some point in time. In case of any problem in your connectivity or service quality, please let Feature Net Technical Solution Centre (TSC) know by phone call or by email at the designated phone numbers and email addresses. Future Net will make reasonable afford to provide you with the required technical assistance (support) within reasonable time-frame and with reasonable resources. Support activity requiring visit to your premises by Future Net’s Engineer and/or Technician will be provided during working hours on business days only. All support activities shall be covered by the terms and conditions of Future Net’s General Support Policy.


12. If you want to stop your subscription temporarily (Service Suspension) or permanently (Service Termination), please notify Future Net to in writing at least 30 days before the intended deactivation date. Please mention the reason for suspension/termination or feature reactivation and/or review of Future Net’s official procedure, services and support.
13. In case of service Suspension, Future Net will NOT withdraw the equipment and accessories from your residence. Future Net will simply deactivate your IP address or ID, and keep it deactivated for the time period (maximum 1 year) you specified on your Suspension letter. If you do not activate your service within the suspension time period, your service will be considered Terminated and all terms and conditions herein related to Service Termination and Reactivation will be applicable.
14. In case of service termination, Future Net will withdraw all equipment (e.g. ONU, MC, Outdoor Radio Device, power adaptor etc.) and accessories (TJB, Optical Patch Cord, UTP cable, Fiber cable etc.) in good working condition. If any of the equipment and/or accessories is not in good working condition, you will have to bear the charges of replacement.
15. After taking the appropriate action depending on your request type (suspension or termination), Future Net will issue the final bill to you, collect your payment and issue you a Settlement Clearance Letter.


16. To reactivate Future Net’s service please notify Future Net in writing and pay for the service plan for the current month. In this case, you will NOT have to pay any OTC again. Your service will be reactivated within a maximum of 3 (three) working days.
17. If you had terminated Future Net’s service and you want to reactivate it, you will have to subscribe as a new user with all formal procedures again along with the payment of Service Activation/Installation Charge etc.


18. If you plan to relocate and want to use Future Net’s service in your new location, please let Future Net know at list 1 (one) week before your planned date of relocation. Future Net will make a schedule to shift your optical fiber connectivity to the new location after discussing with you. It would be before/on/after the day of your migration to new location. Please note that either you or one of your appointed person has to be present at the previous location when Future Net’s Technical Team proceeds to remove the ONU/MC/Outdoor Radio Device, its power adaptor, optical fiber cable, TJB, UTP cable, your Wi-Fi Router/AP etc. If you want to remove your own equipment like Wi-Fi Router/AP etc. and even the ONU by yourself, please let Future Net Technical Team know of your plan beforehand. Future Net Technical Team will re-route the optical fiber cable to your new location within reasonable time frame and reactivate your service. A onetime non-refundable and non-adjustable Link Transfer Fee will be applicable for this relocation process.

For any information regarding the Service, please contact our Marketing/Business Development Department. Future Net reserves the right to add/remove/review any and all terms and conditions herein as well as the Service Plain, procedure etc.